Verification Panel

NATtrol Respiratory Verification Panel (NATRVP-IDI) is formulated with purified, intact virus and bacterial particles that have been chemically modified to make them non-infectious and stable in the refrigerator. The NATRVP-IDI panel contains 20 0.6 mL vials, each containing viral and bacterial NATtrol targets listed in Table 1. These controls are supplied in a purified protein matrix that mimics the composition of an actual clinical sample.

The NATtrol Respiratory Check Panel is designed to evaluate the performance of nucleic acid tests for the presence of viral and bacterial nucleic acids. NATRVP-IDI can also be used for clinical trial verification, diagnostic test development, and training of laboratory personnel. NATRVP-IDI contains intact organisms and should be tested in an identical manner to that used for clinical specimens.

Expected Use:

The EDX HCV Verification Panel is a standard for various molecular assays. The EDX HCV Verification Panel is calibrated to the WHO 4th International Standard for Hepatitis C (06/102). The EDX HCV Verification Panel is used to establish benchmarks (qualitative and quantitative) for the measurement of Hepatitis C Virus (HCV) RNA. The EDX HCV Verification Panel allows laboratories to evaluate their molecular assay and test operator proficiency.

Product Description:

The EDX HCV Verification Panel contains complete and intact viruses. The EDX HCV Check Panel is developed using a non-infectious recombinant virus containing the HCV 5′ UTR insert. The EDX HCV Verification Panel is designed to test the entire molecular assay process, including extraction, detection, and amplification.

The EDX HCV Verification Panel is reported in international units per millilitre (IU/mL). The EDX HCV verification panel is manufactured in accordance with ISO 17511:2003. The EDX HCV Verification Panel is formulated in True EDTA plasma that is non-reactive for HBV DNA, HCV RNA, HIV-1 RNA, HBsAg, and antibodies to HIV-1/2 and HCV.