Verification Panel

NATtrol Respiratory Verification Panel (NATRVP-IDI) is formulated with purified, intact virus and bacterial particles that have been chemically modified to make them non-infectious and stable in the refrigerator. The NATRVP-IDI panel contains 20 0.6 mL vials, each containing viral and bacterial NATtrol targets listed in Table 1. These controls are supplied in a purified protein … Read more

Genotype Panel

Background Variants in numerous genes are thought to affect the success or failure of cancer chemotherapy. Interindividual variability may be due to genes involved in drug metabolism and transport, drug targets (receptors, enzymes, etc.), and proteins relevant to cell survival (eg, cell cycle, DNA repair, and apoptosis). The purpose of the current study is to … Read more

Seroconversion Panel

When your assay development requires wild-type patient specimens that represent the body’s true response to an infection, you can trust AccuVert Seroconversion Panels as a gold standard against which to assess your assay development milestones. Our seroconversion panels are developed using crude, undiluted plasma collected from a single individual during the course of an infection … Read more